Connecting Power BI to Oracle

Ok, a quick post on connecting Power BI to Oracle. I wanted to do some simple testing by looking at row counts across a Oracle database and a SQL Server database to make sure Data Factory was keeping them in sync.

I under lined simple as I am aware there are many short comings in this approach, however, it serves a purpose.

  • Obtain the connection details for the Oracle db. In my case, I am using Oracle SQL Developer and have existing connections set up. These are the fields you will need if you are using a similar approach
Oracle Connection Parameters
  • Open Notepad, or similar and transpose the data obtain from SQL Developer, or elsewhere, in the following format:


Connection String
  • Launch Power BI and navigate to Get data
Navigate to Power BI
  • Paste the connection string into the Server Name
Server Name
  • Enter the user name and password under the database tab
User Name and Password
  • Click connect, and if the Oracle connection gods are smiling on you today you will see this:

Good luck!!

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